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Customer Relationship Management

Enables Efficient Management of  Marketing, Sales and Support Activities

We offer solution based on your present marketing and sales system, scope of improvement, organization culture and budgets etc


We have solution for one-man marketing set up to large organizations for different business verticals , a right fit for the nature of your business and marketing and sales system


Smarty CRM

Work Place Management Solution

Help Organize. Track and Collaborate on Projects, Tasks, Documents

To be productive and efficient, organizations should adopt solutions to organize and track projects , tasks , documents, knowledge base , emails etc


We have solution to address key challenges related to  organizing and collaboration. Our solutions fulfil basic and/or advanced need for an efficient work place management.


Less Paper Office


Customer Help Desk Solution

Ensure Quality Customer Support and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Simplify and streamline your customer support activities that enables in higher customer satisfaction and results repeat business and referrals


We offer Help Desk and Customer Interaction Management Solution based on your need and challenges whether its related to support or effective customer  communication


Smary Desk


Practice Management and Promotion Solution

Organize Practice efficiently and Manage & Develop New Clients

Solutions to help you manage and promote practice like Big4. Enables you to share knowledge easily , collaborate efficiently internal as well as external with clients etc

We have multiple solution based on the size and nature of the practicing organization. The functionalities includes like Projects and Tasks Management, Compliance Management, Document and Knowledge Management, Client Relation Management , New Client Development Tools etc.

Team Office

Document Management Solution

Less Duplication of Work and Enables for a Less Paper Office 

Disorganized files affect knowledge management practices resulting in to lot of duplication of work. Though , it's necessary  that whatever has been done in the past on similar subjects/issues should be reused without any fail .


Our solution ensures  best organizing practices and enables in building a powerful Knowledge documents repository . Benefits are reduced duplication of work , efficient sharing and real-time collaboration on documents .



Secretarial Assistance Solution

Access your Contacts, Documents and Mails from Any where ...Any time

Organize customers, vendors and other contacts with intelligent profiling , categorization and tagging. Helps you track documents for each contact and provides choice to edit documents with online Office Applications too.


Helps in organizing appointments - internal , external. Facilitate to create and manage repetitive events. Provides mail management tools , facilitates to link multiple email accounts and bring all mails at one place. 


Smarty Secretary


Entire Satisfaction and Faster Return on Investment

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